The Benefits Of Drinking Cold Pressed Juices


Early in the morning, drinking fresh juice rejuvenates your mind and body. But most people are too lazy to make juice for themselves or, for other people. So they end up buying packaged juice from outside. But are these packaged juices nice for our health? You can find here in this article the difference between a packaged fruit or vegetable juice and a cold pressed juice. Get a glimpse of various types of cold pressed juicers at sites like

What makes cold pressed juices better than other packaged juices? Well, most of the packaged juices have been made only by using the juice of the fruit or vegetable. The pulp which is the most important part of the fruit or vegetable in providing your body with fiber and vitamins is discarded. But in cold-pressed juice, the whole fruit or vegetable is passed through a hydraulic press to extract the juice. This juice is then bottled and sealed. It is then put into a large chamber in which water is filled. A high amount of pressure is applied to it which is five times equal to the pressure found in the ocean. This in turn inactivates pathogens. This allows cold pressed juice to taste vibrant even after few weeks have passed.

Cold pressed juices come in a variety of flavors. Most of the juice from fruits and veggies are extracted by using large hydraulic presses. But for citrus fruit like oranges or grapefruit, they use extractors which have high speed in order to get bright, delicious juices. These juices are then bottled and processed with high pressure. All bottled juices are not cold pressed. So be sure to read the label before buying. Also, check for the sugar content as some drinks have lots of added sugar.

You can try making different juices at home. By making juice at home, you can try experimenting with vegetables as it lets you enjoy a greener and sweet less juice.

As said earlier, most people find it tough in making juices as it’s hard for cleaning and maintaining their juicer. This is why it’s important to buy a cold pressed juicer as it’s easier to clean and saves a lot of time.

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